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Page Solutions is a one stop shop for all your Temenos T24 service needs

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Extending remarkable services to the BFS industry for almost a decade since 2007, Page Solutions is evolving as preferred business partner and provider of Banking Technology and Consulting Services worldwide. Page Solutions specialize in Temenos T24 Core Banking services like T24 Upgrade, T24 Migration, T24 Implementation, T24 Consultancy, T24 Training, T24 Interfaces, etc., and other services in the streams of Customer Relationship Management, Business Intelligence and on Enterprise Resource Planning platforms. Page fosters relationships with stakeholders through collaboration, consultation and effective engagement.

To be the preferred business partner and provider of Banking Technology and Consulting services worldwide

To create services and products that complements the T24 core banking application and adds value to the product implementation life cycle of partner banks.

To foster valued relationships with all stakeholders through collaboration, consultation and effective engagement, and to offer the highest quality of services and products.

Our Products


AutoCOB – ‘AutoCOB’ is a plug and play tool that is fully integrated with the T24 eco system to offer timely, low-cost, low-risk implementation of COB Automation, Real time monitoring and Alerts to support and minimize operational risks associated with potential COB failures.

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