Transformation Consulting

We help our clients to transform and reinvent their business, from Strategy to Operations to Implementation

Banking Transformation STRATEGY

The questions we address for our clients in this process are:

Ascertaining the current position, status, and readiness of people, processes, and systems will drive future STRATEGY. Developing a tailor-made strategic plan, obtaining stakeholder buy-in and executive commitment is critical at this stage. Page Solutions works closely with stakeholders to drive this initiative. We deliver client-centric assessment and current state analysis which coupled with current industry trends enables us to deliver a strategy that builds on growth levers and innovation.

Digital PROCESS orchestration

Process orchestration, refers to the practice of unifying individual tasks into end-to-end processes, often by using an extensible automation tool. This allows IT teams to manage the entire process lifecycle in a holistic way, including development, testing, monitoring, and managing. 

Process Consultants at Page Solutions help clients review their current operating model, processes, and procedures. We support clients to identify optimization levers, re-engineering opportunities, and leveraging digital technologies to deliver an efficient scalable operating model.

SOLUTION definition

A Solution is only as good as the defined problem. At Page Solutions, we look at problems carefully and ask ourselves and the client  “are we solving the right problem?’’ 

Our solution definition approach is built around six key pillars: Business Needs, Analysis, Definition, Management, Innovation, and Implementation. We work in close coordination with our clients to define solutions that are deliverable, measurable, and scalable.

Implementation & GOVERNANCE

The success of any transformation revolves around, stakeholder buy-in, management commitment & communication, and effective governance. We at Page Solutions work closely with our clients to establish a transformation & program governance framework that enables effective and invested decision-making at all levels. Our governance framework provides for clear and logical accountability, responsibility, and clear decision rights for key stakeholders. 

Our governance and assurance framework is targeted at the entire portfolio of programs and serves key stakeholder interests. This provides an enterprise-standard approach within which all programs and projects can be delivered with confidence.

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